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“The Holocaust: The Other Victims” – Toussaint Dileau

¬©Toussaint Dileau. All rights reserved. Traduit de l’originale entitul√©e “Les Autres Victimes de l’Holocauste”

Others were the only population besides the Jews who were targeted for extermination on racial grounds in the Final Solution. They arrived in Europe about the year 1300 from India which they had left nearly three centuries before as a military population of mixed, non-Aryan origin assembled to fight the invading Muslims. Their entry into Europe, via the Byzantine Empire, was also the direct result of Islamic expansion.

As a non-Christian, non-white, Asian people possessing no territory in Europe, Others were outsiders in everybody’s country. Other culture also ensured–as it still does–that a social distance be kept between Others and gadje (non-Others), and thus their separateness was further reinforced.

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