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Lyrics for Songs on Homage to Kali Sara CD

Song lyrics and English translation for the songs on the Homage to Kali Sara CD, are available here in PDF format. Guitar chords are included for some of the songs. Click on the following link to view, print or save the lyrics file.


Note:   Depending on your computer setup the lyrics file may open in your browser or in a separate program. If you don’t have a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or another free PDF reader installed on your computer or as a browser plugin, you will need to install one in order to open the file.

Homage to Kali Sara Sound Clips

(1) Voliv Tut Ages / Basso

Traditional folk song & dance (Canada/USA)

(2) Palechino

Traditional Romani Song (Canada/USA)

(3) La Romniasa Me Te Lav

Traditional Romani Song (South Balkans)

(4) Sara Kali

Composition by Nina B. Lee © 1998

(5) Hederlezi

Traditional Romani Song (Balkans)

(6) Rumelaj

Traditional Rumanian dance

(7) Marinella

Traditional Greek-Romani Melody

(8) Me Sim Rom

Traditional Russian-Romani Song

(9) Chiro Bezax Te Avel

Traditional Romani folk song (Canada/USA)

(10) Lenko

Traditional Romani folk song (Canada/USA)

(11) Nai Ande Wulitsa / Tumbalalaika

Traditional Romani folk song (Canada/USA)

(12) Fantaisie Andalouse / Herencia Gitana

Flamenco de Arabe arrangement by Ronald Lee

(13) Opre Roma

Original Composition by Stephan Eli Lee © 2000

(14) Djelem, Djelem (Romani Anthem)

The National Anthem of the Romani People.
Words by Zarko Jovanovic, © 1969.
Offically adopted as the Romani Anthem
at the First World Romani Congress
in London, England on April 8, 1971.
Melody traditional Serbian-Romani.

More about the CD

Homage to Kali Sara is a collection of Romani Folk songs from around the world including the traditional music of the North American Roma in the Romani language and two original compositions, “Opre Roma” by Stephan Lee and “Sara Kali” by Nina B. Lee.

There are no more copies of the Homage to Kali Sara CD available. We would like to make the CD available on iTunes, but we do not know when we will be able to make this happen. In the meantime, you can listen to sound clips and download the lyrics sheets.

Some of the songs in this collection appear as examples in the book Learn Romani.

Song lyrics, along with English translations, for the songs on the Homage to Kali Sara CD, are available in PDF format. Guitar chords are included for some of the songs. You can view, print or download the lyrics from this site.

Ronald Lee: Vocals, Spanish Guitar, Bouzouki, Oudaluta and Percussion. Stephan Eli Lee: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Darbuka, Synthesizer and Percussion. Nina B. Lee: Narration in “Sara Kali”.

Kali Sara is the focus of the annual Romani pilgrimage to Les Saintes Maries de la Mer in France her statue resides in the crypt of the church. An article on the history and possible origins of the Kali Sara festival is available on this site.