Homage to Kali Sara Sound Clips

(1) Voliv Tut Ages / Basso

Traditional folk song & dance (Canada/USA)

(2) Palechino

Traditional Romani Song (Canada/USA)

(3) La Romniasa Me Te Lav

Traditional Romani Song (South Balkans)

(4) Sara Kali

Composition by Nina B. Lee © 1998

(5) Hederlezi

Traditional Romani Song (Balkans)

(6) Rumelaj

Traditional Rumanian dance

(7) Marinella

Traditional Greek-Romani Melody

(8) Me Sim Rom

Traditional Russian-Romani Song

(9) Chiro Bezax Te Avel

Traditional Romani folk song (Canada/USA)

(10) Lenko

Traditional Romani folk song (Canada/USA)

(11) Nai Ande Wulitsa / Tumbalalaika

Traditional Romani folk song (Canada/USA)

(12) Fantaisie Andalouse / Herencia Gitana

Flamenco de Arabe arrangement by Ronald Lee

(13) Opre Roma

Original Composition by Stephan Eli Lee © 2000

(14) Djelem, Djelem (Romani Anthem)

The National Anthem of the Romani People.
Words by Zarko Jovanovic, © 1969.
Offically adopted as the Romani Anthem
at the First World Romani Congress
in London, England on April 8, 1971.
Melody traditional Serbian-Romani.