Romani Dictionary: English – Kalderash

“… a comprehensive modern dictionary of the internationalised dialect, which will serve the emerging literary and administrative language needs of the growing Romani intelligentsia….”

— Professor Thomas A. Acton, M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon.), F.R.S.A., O.B.E Professor of Romani Studies, University of Greenwich

This English-Kalderash Romani dictionary is the companion volume to the previously published Romani Dictionary: Kalderash-English. It is more copious in that it contains modernisms adapted by Romani speakers which are coming into use as native speakers communicate internationally over the Internet. On the other hand, because of the delicate shades of meaning and nuances, those learning or relearning the language need to refer back and forth between the English-Romani and the Romani-English dictionaries in order to understand the exact meaning of the entries because in many cases, multiple glosses are listed in both dictionaries.

Along with the Kalderash-English dictionary, this volume is designed to be compatible with the author’s previously-published Learn Romani (2005, Hatfield, University of Hertfordshire Press) and uses the same English-based phonetic alphabet. The grammatical synopsis included in this dictionary is there for quick reference. The comprehensive grammar must be studied in Learn Romani which also has 18 lessons for those learning this dialect. Both dictionaries will be combined in a bi-directional hardcover edition which is planned for 2014. This will also contain a large number of additions of neologisms and other terms needed in today’s rapidly-changing technology.